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Savasana: My blog has been in corpse pose

March 21, 2013

Savasana, the corpse pose in yoga, is the rest at the end of your yoga practice. Its not really about being dead or even acting like the dead. It is resting so deeply that the mind is at rest.

My blog as been in this state of rest. I’ve been resting from deadlines, from newsletters, from toiling away at the computer,  from jumping out of my hiding place, right back to where it is safe and quiet and in Body, in present time and healing space. Blogging is a strange world. It’s a lot of thinking and writing at the computer, although I could write my blog on paper and then type it on the computer. But I have the feeling it might… just… not… ever… happen that way.

So here I am again.

I took a break from venturing out in my attempt to reach people and share what I do in the world, to share what I love and what I’m creating in my life. I didn’t really understand how to get my blog out and read by people. I do thank my friends and family for their support in reading my blog but that is where it stopped. Sometimes I’d get a random hit on the most popular blog post I have written so far,”Projection, Perception and Communication.”

I didn’t start the blog for the sake of becoming well-read. Despite not reading for the sake of being read, I did feel that I was talking to myself at times. It’s much easier to do that in my journal by my bed. I don’t have to edit it or find pictures and tag words!  I started the blog so I had a place to share my exploration of myself, and to teach while learning. I teach what I want to learn. It began with teaching yoga and now my learning has expanded into so much more, including blogging. See my first blog about my “Intent.”

My first yoga teacher, Diane Wilson, suggested reviewing my intention with teaching periodically as I went through my official training to teach yoga. Intention can easily be lost. Especially on the path of healing to wholeness. So with this rest, I bring compassion for my self while I sure have been through a lot since the last blog I actually wrote. It is as if lifetimes have been resolved in a few years!

Sometimes, I learned the hard way, in day-to-day experience without realized support, my head buried in the sand. Other times, I remembered to use the tools that I have learned. It’s getting easier and easier to remember and believe the support that I have had all along.

With gratitude, I pass it on…

Unconditional Love for Body

June 17, 2008


“How do I love my body unconditionally when I don’t like the way it looks and feels?”


First of all, I want to mention that asking a question is the first step to healing, and to discovering that anything is possible.  All you have to do is ask how, why, what or when?


I begin by asking this particular question because it is a common question among clients of mine. It implies a couple things that are misunderstood again, in healing.


Your body is not a thing separate from your Self, it is the physical manifestation of who you are. You are much more vast than your body can hold at this time—but your body is a manifestation of the aspect of yourself that you are concerned with at this time and place. Take a moment and breathe into your feet, feel the seat beneath you, feel your eyes focus as you read the words on this page (yes you can feel your eyes focus, if you take notice).


The other misunderstanding is about unconditional love. Unconditional love it not forced love. There is nothing forceful about it. It is love allowed, it is acceptance. Unconditional love of your body is loving acceptance for your body, no matter what your body looks like or feels like.


So now the question is, how do we begin to love our bodies when we have been neglecting body for so long?


This is the same work we do to heal our lives and our emotions. Realize that your present body is a result of the love, care and attention you have given your body and your Self up to this moment. This includes the beliefs and judgments on body.


You can realize what those beliefs are very easily. We repeat the statements about our body quite often. “I am fat. I am out of shape. I haven’t exercised for months. I don’t have time to exercise. I don’t eat very healthy. Etc. I don’t like my body.” And we perpetuate these statements in the way we treat ourselves and the cycle continues. Now when I say “ourselves” I am including our bodies in that statement.


Accepting that the health and condition of your body is a result of what your beliefs and judgments are is easier to do knowing this.


But what about genetics? I’m ready for this question!  Genetics is about collective and ancestral beliefs. Have you noticed how easily we have accepted that we are going to have the same conditions of our ancestors? It is true that the chances have been higher—but what if we choose to follow in a different path than the path of our ancestors in this manner? Can we learn from their mistakes and do things different? Make new choices?


So the health and condition of our bodies is the result of beliefs and judgments of ourselves and of our ancestors beliefs and judgments.


What is important to consider here is this:  if my body is a result, what can I do to change the result? Start accepting that you have been doing the best you can. Start by treating your body knowing that you are creating your body anew. Change what you do with your new knowledge without beating yourself up for your past. As difficulties come up, because change can be difficult (harder than staying the same) and be compassionate to yourself. Watch, wait and see the changes. I love you Body, I love you, I love you, I love Me.

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